About Us

Northern Lights ABC School is an alternative educational program established in 1978.  Its founders were dedicated to a philosophy embracing a back to basics approach to education.  Character education, a strong emphasis on citizenship, values, discipline and patriotism make this program  unique.


Parents who choose our school for their children should believe in the tenets upon which our school was founded.  Strong, committed parental support is essential for any program to successfully educate children for the future.


Parents, children and staff working together for a common goal characterizes Northern Lights ABC School and contributes to its effectiveness in educating our most precious children.  Our commitment to maintain the ABC philosophy and objectives is vital and ongoing.  Join us in partnership to continue to maintain, nurture and grow to meet the needs of students.  Read More...


Important Documents

These documents are signed by parents and students yearly as an agreement to adhere to the expectations of Northern Lights ABC School.

Northern Lights ABC Dress Code
Northern Lights ABC Parent Commitment Agreement: Creating Unity Between Parent and School
Northern Lights ABC Plagiarism Agreement: For Grades 4 and Up

We offer Tours!

Prospective parents, please come visit our school.  

Interested in the lottery for NLABC? We request that you attend a tour in order to determine if our program is a good fit for your child & family. Tours are led by ABC Advisory Board members and provide an opportunity to ask questions, view grade level work samples, and review the NLABC Philosophy Statement and Responsibility Agreement . Tours are geared towards parents, so please take advantage of childcare if you have it available. Tour dates are listed on our NLABC calendar. Please call our office at 742-7500 or email us to RSVP for a tour.  We are looking forward to meeting you, visiting with you, and answering any questions you might have!


Tours are the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 9:30am, RSVP today! 



September 12, 9:30AM

October 10, 9:30AMA logo that reads "february is visit our schools month"

November 14, 9:30AM

December 12, 9:30AM

January 9, 9:30AM

February 6, 9:30AM

February 13, 9:30AM

February 20, 9:30AM

February 27, 9:30AM and 6PM

March 6, 9:30AM

April 10, 9:30AM

May 8, 9:30AM

Character Building Blocksschool logo in black and orange with white background

September- Friendship & Work

October- Respect & Responsibility

November- Perserverance & Patriotism

‌December- Generosity & Compassion

January- Tolerance & Courage

February- Honesty & Loyalty

March- Humility & Self Control

April- Self Discipline & Independence

May- Helpfulness & Sportsmanship

 Daily Schedule

7:30am Breakfast Served
7:50am Student Drop Off Begins
8:05am Students Enter Building
8:15am Tardy Bell - School Begins
10:45am AM Kindergarten Dismissed
12:00pm PM Kindergarten Begins
2:45pm Dismissal For All Grades
3:30pm Office Closes


Lunch Schedule

1-2 11:00-11:20 11:20-11:50
3-4 11:25-11:45 11:45-12:15
5-6 11:50-12:10 12:10-12:40
7-8 12:15-12:45  




1. Follow the flow of traffic.

2. Please use the lane next to the front of the building and along the bike trail on Laurel Street to drop off and pick up students.

3. Have children ready to exit the car. Don't fumble with backpacks, lunch money and other last minute activities.

4. Have children enter and/or exit the vehicle on the right side only.

5. Leave the area as soon as possible so that others can drop off their children.

6. Park your vehicle in the designated parking areas if you will be exiting your vehicle for any reason, even for a minute. If possible, back into your parking space for greater visibility when leaving.

7. The red painted curb is a municipal fire lane. Vehicles that are left unattended can be ticketed.

8. Students will line up at the door which has been designated for their classroom.

9. In the event of rain or below zero temperatures, students will enter through the front door and line up in the MPR.

10. Obey all posted speed limit and stop signs. Obey the directions of the crossing guard and cross in designated areas only.

11. If picking up or dropping off on Laurel Street use the pull out lanes. Do not block through-traffic.

12. Drive slowly, be patient and courteous and things will flow smoothly.




Thanks for your cooperation!

A list of the assemblies for the 2017-18 school year.  



When the founders of Northern Lights ABC were envisioning our school, there was a consensus that parents wanted not only a strong academic program, but one that showcased our proud heritage of American citizenship.  

Since the beginning of our program, the RWB assemblies have molded and shaped our school into our founding philosophy of building pride in our students and training them to be responsible and dedicated patriots who embody good citizenship. Character education, a strong emphasis on citizenship, values, discipline and patriotism make our school program unique.

Our school focuses on the character building blocks of friendship, work, respect, responsibility, perseverance, patriotism, generosity, compassion, tolerance, courage, honesty, loyalty, humility, self-confidence, self-discipline, independence, helpfulness, and sportsmanship. 

We wear red, white, and blue on special days that not only honor our school's heritage and history, but to remember those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. We wear red, white, and blue to demonstrate our love of school, love of country, and national pride. 

Continuing to celebrate our school RWB days has several benefits. It connects us to our past,  it teaches our students about citizenship, patriotism, and offers fascinating stories about our country's history for all students to learn and discover.  It also enables our students to practice public performance and public speaking skills. Musically, students benefit from learning new songs, working together to create a successful end product, and it requires students to follow a time line, to use self-discipline, and to accept feedback. All of these skills, which are taught by our fine teachers, enrich the lives of all our students. 


This logo symbolizes what Northern Lights ABC represents:

Eagle = Patriotism Towards Our Country

Books = Anchorage Basic Curriculum and the year NLABC was founded

Lamp = Knowledge and learning

Pen and quill = Literacy, Penmanship and Writing

The Big Dipper = Alaska Pride and 8 Stars of Gold

Encouragement = Where Children Can Excel
Please join us in celebrating our next RED, WHITE AND BLUE ASSEMBLY!