Reading on red couch Check-Out Limits: Students may check out 3 items at a time for one week. Books may be renewed or exchanged during regularly scheduled weekly classes, or during independent or open check-out times in the library. Books may be renewed as needed unless another student is awaiting use of the material.


Community Accounts: Parents may establish a library account and check out materials to read to or with their children at home.


Lost/Damaged Library Books:  As determined by ASD, the policy for paying for lost/damaged materials is $25 for a hardcover book and $10 for a paperback. Replacement copies of equivalent value for lost or damaged books may be accepted by prior arrangement, and refunds for “found” books will be made within time limitations specified by the District (Sept. 30th of the following year). Fees may be paid in cash, or by check made out to Northern Lights ABC School.


Parent Restrictions on Student Choices: Some parents or guardians may consider some materials in any given collection objectionable for their children. To address this concern, parents have the opportunity to provide an author or title - specific restriction message to their individual student's teacher and librarian for entry into the computerized check-out system. If the system is used to check out any book, a "note" marker is visible on the screen. This cannot guarantee that a book will not be checked out by or to the student, but a good faith effort will be made to comply with parental wishes. If you wish to place a restraint on your child’s record for checking out certain books, please drop me a note via e-mail, or through your classroom teacher.


Overdue Books: If a child has an item that is overdue, library check-out priviledges will be restricted until the item(s) are returned or the fine(s) are cleared. ASD policy mandates a replacement fee for lost books of $10 for paperbacks and $25 for hardback books.